Tiling Tips

In need of some advice to help you add mosaic tiles to your home with ease? As well as our free, downloadable tile guide, we thought we’d share with you some extra tiling tips, provided to us to share with you by industry experts who really do know their stuff.

Allow Your Adhesive to Strengthen Before Fitting Your Tiles

As with any kind of adhesive in any kind of situation, tile adhesive is usually stronger and more effective when left for a few minutes as it thickens up and gets a ‘tacky’ consistency, as opposed to being runny and wet, so apply your adhesive to the wall and leave it for some time before fitting your tiles.

This is known by the professionals as ‘open time’ and most tile adhesives will have guidance for the products ‘open time’ on the packet, so it is recommended you make a note of this and follow it exactly.

Clean Your Tiles Before Fitting

There’s nothing worse than fitting a perfect wall of tiles and then realising one has a mark on it, so cleaning your tiles down before fitting ensures you can be confident that you’ve got a full set of perfect looking tiles to work with.

Removing dust and debris from tiles also ensures a cleaner finish and avoids any of this dust getting into the adhesive or grout and stopping the tiles from sticking properly, leading to an unprofessional and unsatisfactory finish.

Just be sure your tiles are perfectly dry before fitting.

Leave Your Grout to Smooth Before Use

Nothing makes fitting tiles more frustrating than grout that isn’t the right consistency, particularly if it’s filled with lumps but the key to avoiding this is to leave your grout to smooth itself out before using it.

Mix your grout as if you’re about to get to tiling and then leave the mixture for anywhere up to 10 minutes as this will allow any lumps of dry grout to dissolve into the water mixture and then when it comes to tiling, your mixture should be smoother and much more pliable.

Remove Excess Grout Immediately

It is perfectly normal for grout to come out of the joins between the tiles during fitting, especially when the grout is still very wet and if it goes on the tiles, there’s no need to worry as long as you act quick.

We recommend grabbing a utility knife to get the excess grout out of the joint while it is still wet and as for any grout on the tiles, removing as much as you can as you go is probably your best bet, so grab a damp cloth and keep on top of this as you go.

Make Allowances for Damaged Tiles and Mistakes

More something to think about during the ordering of your tiles rather than the actual tiling but ensuring you make allowances for damaged tiles or mistakes during tiling when choosing your quantity is advisable.

Ordering a few extra tiles won’t break the bank due to how affordable mosaic tiles are but it will be an investment you’ll be glad you made should any become damaged or spoilt during the tiling process.

For more advice on tiling, be sure to check out our free downloadable tile guide for extra tips and tricks.